Meade Lake Road Will Remain Closed South of Templeton Farms 4 to 6 Weeks from February 27


As we head into the weekend, the Town wanted to provide a quick update on the Meade Lake Road bridge project. Heavy equipment is currently on site but has not yet begun work pending a final bridge replacement design. The bridge was closed three weeks ago during heavy rains due to erosion that threatened the stability of the bridge and its asphalt approach surface.

The replacement bridge is expected to be a longer structure to limit future erosion issues with the creek that runs underneath the bridge. The bridge beams in place today are Additionally, the Town has opted to increase the width of the bridge – adding a total of eight (8) feet of width to the bridge to increase space for traffic as it crosses the bridge. The project will also armor the creek banks on both sides of the bridge – similar to the recent improvements on the Maple Drive bridge.

The Town expects to formally approve the replacement plan in early April with construction expected to take less than two months from start to finish. We appreciate your patience and look forward to upgrading this key connection in the southern part of our community.