Tipton County Veteran of the Month

The youngest of five children, Marge was born in Sharon, PA on 7 January 1932.  After high school, she worked for Northeast Airlines in NYC for 2 years as a ticket agent.  The month after her 21st birthday, she decided to join the military.  Why she chose the Marine Corps instead of the Navy like her brother or the Army like her father no one knows; but by waiting until she was 21, she avoided any family argument over if her parents would give permission.  (At that time, women under 21 needed parental permission the way that 17-year old men did.)

After boot camp at Paris Island she attended ANP School in Jacksonville, FL, then Air Traffic Controller School in Olatha, KS.  From Kansas she reported to her first duty station in El Toro, CA.  It didn’t take Marge long to settle into a routine, and she enjoyed her life at El Toro.

One night she helped a Marine onto the bus to get back to base – he was having problems navigating because he had been celebrating his 21st birthday.  She thought no more about it until one evening at the club.  She asked for an order of French fries…..the formerly drunken Marine was working behind the counter!!  He served her fries then promptly reached over and helped himself to some, saying he had given her too many.   It was not long before this nameless Marine asked her out on a date.  She accepted, but there was a problem.  Neither had bothered to ask the other’s name.  When he arrived at the women’s barracks to get her, he didn’t know who to ask for.  Despite that, Marge and Harmon soon learned each other’s names and became inseparable.  On 6 August 1954 they were married at the Wedding Chapel in Anaheim, CA.

Since marriage and the military were considered incompatible for women, Corporal Marge Scott was discharged a few days after her marriage.  She followed Harmon to Spokane, WA, and other various duty stations.  Although she worked various banking jobs at their numerous duty stations, her primary focus was her family, which soon expanded.  In 1956 Brian was born at Fairchild AFB, and in 1958 Cyndy was born in Jacksonville, FL.  She is the proud grandmother of three.  Marge, supported and assisted by her loving children, was a devoted caregiver to Harmon until his death one year ago.

Marge is a member of Munford First United Methodist Church.  She was nominated for Veteran of the Month by H.T. Ray.