Join Team Tipton & Walk Across Tipton County Beginning January 27

Tipton County is embarking on a journey to make it and its residents healthier by becoming the newest Healthier TN Community. Healthier TN is an initiative from the Governor’s Foundation for Health & Wellness that strives to enable and encourage all Tennesseans to become more physically active, eat healthier, and reduce tobacco use across the state. Team Tipton, a coalition of Tipton County’s local governments, organizations, and citizens, is heading up this drive to live healthier.

I share this information with you in order to make a request – will you join us in improving the health of Tipton County by becoming a Healthier TN Workplace, Organization, or Place of Worship? The process to register is quite simple, you visit and then choose “Small Starts for Workplaces” if you are registering a business or organization, or choose “Small Starts for Places of Worship” if you are registering a faith-based organization.  After registration, you will be presented with multiple, easy-to-implement options for becoming a recognized member of Healthier TN.

For your employees and organization members, there are also Small Start options for individuals and families, all located at the same website as above. After they register, they can track their progress with the free Streaks for Small Starts app for mobile devices. It makes healthy habits easy to track!

Team Tipton is also hosting community-wide events in 2017, beginning with a “Walk Across Tipton”. During every month of 2017, we will be highlighting different areas of Tipton County via a 10am group walk on Fridays in our communities. The first half of 2017 will travel through Tipton as follows:

January 27 – Garland Community Center
February 24 – Cobb-Parr Park in Covington
March 24 – Choose between Atoka Greenway or Brighton Park
April 28 – Mason
May 26 – Drummonds Park
June 23 – Charleston Cemetery

I invite you to contact me if you have any questions or would like for a Team Tipton member to visit to discuss the HTN initiative. I can be reached at 476-0235, or at Matt.McDaniel@TN.Gov. I look forward to improving Tipton County with you!                                                                                                                                Sincerely,
Matt McDaniel
Director, Tipton Co. Health Dept.