Welcome to Tipton County, TN. This page is intended to consolidate some of the business and industry information available on other pages on this website. We have added additional links that you might find useful, whether you are a start-up mom-and-pop business or major industrial developer.

The latest available Census data shows that more that 61 thousand people in more than 21 thousand households make Tipton County home. Just over 25% of the population is under the age of 18, and 14% is 65 or older. Over 85% of the population 25 and older is a high school graduate, and 15% holds a bachelor's degree or higher. Tipton County has a unified board of education, a trade school, and a community college.

The labor force is 63% of the population. The median household income is $54,650. 

Accomodation and food service sales amount to $39.5 million, health care and community service revenues amount to $141.3 million, manufacturer shippments are $446.3 million, and retail sales are $393.6 million. Merchant wholesale sales are not available.

Transportation includes Highway 51 linking Memphis and Interstates 40 and 51 from the south and Interstate 24 to the norh and Interstate 155 across the Mississippi River in Dyersburg. A north-south rail line services the industrial park to the north of Covington, the county seat, and a municipal airport services the area.

Please feel free to browse the links and contact their representatives to find our more information on our county--a great place to live and work.