County Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
GIS Shawn Anderson Director (901)-476-0234
911 Office Ashley Strickland Director (901)-476-0244
UT Agricultural Extension Office Brigitte Passman Extention Agent II & County Director (901)-476-0231
Animal Control Lee Riley Operation Manager (901)-837-5919
Budget and Accounts WT Bailey Director (901)-476-0219
Budget and Accounts Nancy Huelsing Purchasing Agent (901)-476-0219
Budget and Accounts Deanne Hughey Payroll & Benefits Coordinator (901)-476-0219
Budget and Accounts Mary Lynn Isome-Newman Accounts Payable Clerk (901)-476-0219
Building Inspection Keith Beasley Building Inspector/Code Enforcement (901)-476-0215
Building Inspection Rick Erwin Building Inspector (901)-476-0215
Chancery Court Kasey Culbreath Chancellor (901)-476-0209
Chancery Court William C. "Bill" Cole Chancellor (901)-476-0209
Chancery Court Gina Smith Clerk and Master (901)-476-0209
Circuit Court Bo Burk District Public Defender (901)-465-7330
District Attorney Covington Office District Attorney (901)-475-2523
Circuit Court Mark Davidson District Attorney General (731)-635-5163
Circuit Court Mike Forbess Clerk of Courts (901)-475-3320
Circuit Court J. Weber McGraw Judge (901)-475-3320
Circuit Court A. Blake Neill Judge (901)-475-3320
County Clerk's Office Mary Gaither County Clerk (901)-476-0207
County Executive's Office Jeff Huffman County Executive (901)-476-0200
County Executive's Office Nancy Huelsing Administrative Assistant (901)-476-0200
Election Commission Diana Kuykendall First Deputy (901)-476-0223
Election Commission Cindy  Pinner Administrator of Elections (901)-476-0223
Emergency Management Agency Tommy Dunavant Director (901)-840-3000
Fire Prevention Jon Piercey Chief (901)-476-0217
Budget and Accounts Bob Beanblossom ADA Coordinator (901)-476-0219
General Sessions Court Bo Burk District Public Defender (901)-476-7330
General Sessions Court Mark Davidson District Attorney General (731)-365-5163
General Sessions Court Covington Office District Attorney (901)-475-2523
General Sessions Court Scottie Delashmit Administrator for Judge Eckel (901)-475-3310
General Sessions Court Mike Forbess Clerk of Courts (901)-475-3320
General Sessions Court M.O. Eckel III Judge (901)-475-3310
General Sessions Probation Jeff Fletcher Probation Officer (901)-475-3319
General Sessions Probation Penny Goracke Probation Officer (901)-475-3319
Health Department Dr. Shavetta Conner Health Officer (901)-476-0235
Health Department Tina Boam Director (901)-476-0235
Health Department RN Buffie Nelms Nurse Supervisor (901)-476-0235
Health Department Demetra Pickett Office Supervisor (901)-476-0235
Corrections (Jail) John Weatherly Captain (901)-475-3305
Juvenile Court Bo Burk District Public Defender (901)-476-7330
Juvenile Court Covington Office District Attorney (901)-475-2523
Juvenile Court Mark Davidson District Attorney General (731)-635-5163
Juvenile Court Barney Witherington Juvenile Magistrate (901)-475-3322
Juvenile Court Mike Forbess Clerk of Courts (901)-475-3310
Juvenile Court M.O. Eckel III Judge (901)-475-3322
Juvenile Court Clayton Pattat Juvenile Services Officer (901)-475-3322
Juvenile Court Janet Wyse Office Manager (901)-475-3322
Keep Tipton Beautiful Jessica Hernandez Executive Director (901)-476-0254
Landfill Trip Starnes Supervisor (901)-837-5907
Planning and Development Pat Hibdon Administrative Assistant (901)-476-0255
Planning Department / State of Tennessee Leo Smith Groundwater Protection (Septic) (901)-233-1658
Planning and Development William Veazey Director (901)-476-0255
Property Assessor Katie Hardister Deputy Assessor (901)-476-0213
Property Assessor Will Carter Deputy Assessor (901)-476-0213
Property Assessor Tammie Connor Deputy Assessor (901)-476-0213
Property Assessor Rose Cousar Assessor (901)-476-0213
Property Assessor Lisa Maxwell Deputy Assessor (901)-476-0213
Public Works Brandon Clark IT Specialist / GIS (901)-837-5900
Public Works Dwayne Coley Inspector / GIS Specialist (901)-837-5900
Public Works Gary Jackson Assistant Director (901)-837-5900
Public Works Ron Pinner Procurement Specialist (901)-837-5900
Public Works Shannon Reed Director (901)-837-5900
Public Works Paula Hall Receptionist (901)-837-5900
Public Works Amy Long Human Resources (901)-837-5900
Register of Deeds Claudia Peeler Register (901)-476-0204
School Board Dr. John Combs Director (901)-476-7148
Sheriff's Office Shannon Beasley Sheriff (901)-475-3300
Soil Conservation Soil Conservation Office (901)-475-3350
Museum, Veterans Memorial & Nature Center Katherine Markley Director (901)-476-0242
Museum, Veterans Memorial & Nature Center Sherri Onorati Archivist / Program Coordinator (901)-476-0242
Trustee's Office Kristie Glass Maxwell Trustee (901)-476-0211
Veterans Servies Mike Leach Veterans Services Officer (901)-476-2456
Workforce Development Robin Sealy Coordinator (901)-296-0180
Budget and Accounts Rebecca Bryan Benefits and Payroll Clerk (901)-476-0219
Public Works Lori Turner Receptionist (901)-837-5900
IT Operations Boyd Hendrix Director (901)-475-7274
Public Works Marcia Jinks Bookkeeper (901)-837-5900
Sherrif's Office Chris Williams Chief Deputy (901)-475-3300
Sheriff's Office Daniel Walls Deputy Chief (901)-475-3300
Sheriff's Office Sean Cullen Captain (901)-475-3300
Library Stacey Peeler Director (901)-476-8289
Property Assessor Holly Starnes Deputy Assessor (901)-476-0213
Drug Free Tipton Robin Racine Director (901)-378-0164