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More and more people are looking to relocate, and with so much to offer, many of those people are turning their eyes toward West Tennessee. With a pleasantly mild climate, beautiful landscapes, highly rated school systems, full-time jobs hiring near you, a culture of constant development and growth, friendly communities, and a centralized location making it easy to access many hot-spot cities such as Memphis, Nashville, and St. Louis -- no matter your priorities, you can find your dream home here.

And when it’s time to decide on a specific place to search, look no further than Tipton County, located just north of Memphis and Shelby County! Consisting of eight cities and towns including Covington, Atoka, and Munford, Tipton County has a rich cultural history and a blend of the urban and the natural that provides endless sources of daily recreation, with parks, nature centers, historic sites, several bustling shopping plazas, and much more, along with the big city amenities of Memphis only a day trip away. Add to that an “Exemplary”-designated school system and a plethora of jobs hiring full-time in Tipton County, and the choice should be clear; your new life is waiting in Tipton!

Along with keeping life enriching and exciting, it is important that it moves as efficiently as possible. Once you’ve found that perfect neighborhood to settle into, the next step is fulfilling employment with minimum commute time and maximum time home with your family. All over Tipton County, jobs are hiring for a diverse range of opportunities, all ready to keep you within driving distance of the comforts of home. No matter your field, there are full-time jobs in or near Tipton County and, particularly, full-time jobs hiring in or near Covington that will fit your skills for the pay you deserve.

On this page, explore all of the exciting opportunities for jobs hiring in Tipton County!

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