UPDATES 6/1/2023:  County Tornado Information

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Major Disaster Declaration for Tennessee
Click here for the declaration.

UPDATE 6/1/2023:  Homeowners and renters in Tipton, Haywood, Hardeman, McNairy, Hardin, Lewis, Wayne, Rutherford, Cannon and Macon, with underinsured or uninsured disaster related loss from the March 31 – April 1 tornadoes and severe storms have until the June 6 deadline to apply for FEMA assistance online at DisasterAssistance.gov or by calling the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362.

UPDATE 5/11/2023:  Disaster Recovery Centers to Close but FEMA Help Still Available

UPDATE 5/8/2023:  The Disaster Relief/Recovery Assistance Location at Cobb Parr Memorial Park will continue assisting tornado victims through appointments starting Monday 5/8/2023. You will need to call 901-623-5443 to set up an appointment.

UPDATE 5/9/2023:  Please have your debris out by the curb for pickup no later than Wednesday May 17, 2023.  Beginning Friday, May 26, 2023 remaining debris for pickup will be at the property owner's expense.  If you have any questions, please contact the Tipton County Public Works Office at 901-837-5900.

Beginning Tuesday, April 25 Tipton County Public Works is offering debris roadside pickup for areas outside of municipal limits affected by the March 31, 2023 tornado (see map).  Debris located within the road ROW will be picked up by contracted services.  Separation of materials would be greatly appreciated.  For more information please call 901-837-5900.

Shannon Reed - Public Works Director


The purpose of this Notification Proclamation is to officially waive all residential tipping fees (landfill permits) for Tipton County residents.  Due to the recent severe weather event, and considering the devastating effects of the storm on property and lives, it is altogether fitting and proper that a waiver be applied to landfill fees for Tipton County residents.  This waiver is to begin April 3, 2023 and continue thru May 6, 2023.  Again, this waiver is for Tipton County Residents only.

Safeguarding the life and property of its citizens is an innate responsibility of the governing body of each political subdivision of this state.  Pursuant to Chapter 8 T.C.A. Sections 58-8-101 thru 58-8-115 and T.C.A. Section 58-2-110, as well as Section 54-7-11(c)(1)(c) I hereby declare a State of Emergency to exist in Tipton County, Tennessee.  This local State of Emergency exists effective March 31, 2023 and is to continue until rescinded by official decree.  Purchases related to the weather disaster that occurred on March 31, 2023 are exempt under these statutory provisions and are considered to be emergency purchases.  The Emergency Declaration also includes T.C.A. Section 49-2-203(a)(3)(B)(ii)(b) which waives the newspaper advertisement requirement for purchases over $25,000 for the local LEA.

Jeff Huffman - Tipton County Executive