Sea of Blue Memorial - January 6, 2023

On Friday, 06 January 2023 at 5:00 p.m., the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office is having a “Sea of Blue” Memorial for Trooper Calvin Jenks and all fallen law enforcement officers that have been killed in the line of duty.  This will be the 16 year anniversary of Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Calvin Jenk’s murder on Highway 14 in Tipton County.  The “sea of blue” consists of law enforcement officers, Fire and EMS from various agencies traveling in procession on a route with emergency lights illuminated. This light display is a visible sign of honor and in the memory of a fallen comrade within the law enforcement community. 

On 06 January, 2007, Trooper Calvin Jenks left the Criminal Justice Complex after an arrest, traveled back to the area of Highway 14 and moments later was murdered. The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office has erected a memorial honoring Trooper Jenks at the site on Highway 14. 

The “sea of blue” will begin at the parking lot of the Tipton County Criminal Justice Complex, proceed to Highway 59, then down Highway 14 and stopping at the site on Highway 14 to an awaiting lone THP cruiser. The procession will gather at the site of the memorial for a brief prayer, words from guest speakers and a moment of silence. Citizens are invited to gather along the procession route and join us at the site on Highway 14. 

“This memorial serves as a reminder to every law enforcement officer of the dangers that our profession holds and the ultimate sacrifice that Trooper Jenks made and the sacrifices made every day by law enforcement officers throughout our Nation. As we hold this memorial, please pray for the families of those law enforcement officers who have been killed in the line of duty and for the continued safety of the many men and women who serve our communities and the great State of Tennessee every day.”