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tipton county

Tipton County is located on the Mississippi River north of Memphis, and is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Between 1990 and 2000 Tipton County's population grew 36.4% to 51,271 due to growth from Memphis, Tennessee. Population for 2010 from the Bureau of Census is 61,081, a 19.1% increase from 2000.  Our current 2020 Census for Tipton County stands at 60,970, a 117.7% increase from 1970.  Our county has plenty to offer with an abundance of agriculture and manufacturing industries. Our municipalities include Munford, Atoka, Brighton, Mason, Gilt Edge, Garland, Burlison and the county seat of Covington.

Tipton County enjoys a moderate climate. Winters are mild, springs are pleasant, summers are long and autumns are beautiful. The average rainfall is 51.16 and the average snowfall is 7.2 inches. The frost-free period normally occurs from March 20 to November 12(Two-Hundred Thirty-Six Days). The annual average temperature is 59.7 degrees, with the monthly average high temperature of January being 46.0 degrees and for July being 91.2 degrees. The monthly average low temperature for these two months is 27.4 degrees in January and 69.1 degrees in July.