Register of Deeds


Staff (from left to right):  Sonja Marcy,  Claudia Peeler (Register), Trena Jones & Renee Smith

Courtesy of the Shelby County Register click here for a filing fee calculator.

The principal duty of the County Register's Office is to record deeds and other instruments required or allowed to be filed by law; as stated in Tennessee Code 66-24-101. Writings eligible for registration include deeds, powers of attorney, mortgages, marriage settlements, plats, military discharges, etc. The Register is also responsible for collecting and accounting of all fees and taxes due as allowed by law.

Tennessee Recording Fees




1. Military Discharges


No Charge

2. Plats



3. All recorded instruments (except UCCS) one or two pages



4. For each additional page (after two)


$5.00 each

5. Additional releases in same instrument after first release


$5.00 each

6. Additional assignments in same instrument after first assignment



7. Clerk's fee (only when state tax paid)



8. Data processing fee - per document



9. Certified copies of any instrument, per page (page size not to exceed 8 1/2 x 14)



10. UCC fixture filings



11. Additional fee for all UCCs containing more than 10 pages


$0.50 per pg.

State conveyance tax


$0.37 per $100.00

State mortgage tax


$0.11 1/2 per $100.00 after first $2,000.00

Clerk's fee in item 7 above applies to all tax collections


Claudia Peeler, Register of Deeds 
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