Keep Tipton County Beautiful

Tarp Giveaway & Sign Reveal July 20

Our Goals and Objectives:

To educate people about ways to eliminate litter and improve citizen awareness of ways to conserve natural resources. Working together we will make our county more beautiful and litter free.

Tipton County realized a great need for litter education to enhance efforts to attract prospective manufacturers and businesses to our area. We continue with these goals daily through the use of prisoners to pick up litter on our county roads. We also encourage volunteers to participate in events that are provided throughout the year.

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Litter Signs Now Available for Purchase

Litter signs are now available for purchase, while supplies last.  Each sign is $25/each and we accept cash or check.  The sizes are 18x12 (horizontal) and 12x18 (vertical).  Signs can be installed within Covington City Limits or on County roads (still pending for Atoka, Munford & Brighton).  We will be limiting how many signs can be installed on each road to limit clutter.  Please visit our office or call 901-476-0254 for more information.

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TDOT Adopt-A-Highway groups help keep Tennessee beautiful! Since the program's inception in 1989, our volunteers have collected more than 12 million pounds of litter from Tennessee's roadsides. These valuable contributions are helping produce cleaner roadsides, reduce maintenance costs, and boost litter prevention awareness in the Volunteer State.

Volunteer Group Orientation Packet
Adopt-A-Highway Brochure

Disposing of Paint the Right Way
In order to save tax dollars the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) will no longer collect paint at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection. Oil-based paint should be saved for special Tipton County collections. Latex paint, however, is not a hazardous waste but instead is a nuisance waste. It can be placed in the regular trash once it is dry. Latex paint in the liquid form will splatter when compacted by the trash truck creating an unsightly and unfortunately, a permanent mess on the street. Click here for simple directions to properly solidify any leftover latex paint and “Stop the Splat”.

Ongoing Events:

January - Chipping of the green- Recycling Christmas Trees (Discontinued until further notice)
March - Great America Cleanup
April - Earthfest, Great America Cleanup
May - Great America Cleanup, Household Hazardous Waste Collection
November - America Recycles Day
December - Chipping of the green- Recycling Christmas Trees (Discontinued until further notice)

January - December: 
We will be accepting Oil Base Paint, Stains, and Varnishes year round.  This collection will be by appointment only.  Please call 901-476-0254, Monday through Friday, 8AM until 5PM to schedule a date and time to drop off these items.

Each month we continue to encourage community cleanup and beautification. We promote the Adopt A Highway program to civic groups, schools, churches, scout troops, families and any other group that may be interested in this worthwhile endeavor.

Staff: Jessica Hernandez, Executive Director

Terry Lovett, Litter Officer
Dalton Hicks, Litter Officer

KTCB reminds you that Tipton County is your home. We can all do our part to make it more beautiful and litter free by:

  1. Plant flowers, bulbs, and trees.
  2. Keep your grass cut and groomed.
  3. Do your part to keep your properties litter free.
  4. Properly dispose of trash from your home.
  5. Keep a litter bag in your car for that trash and properly dispose of it when you reach your destination.
  6. Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer!!!!
  7. Get involved in your community cleanups.
  8. Recycle!

You can find out more about what Tennessee is doing by visiting their Website: The national website is

We want you to be a part of Keep Tipton County Beautiful, call our office and work with us to make Tipton County the Most Beautiful County in Tennessee.

Keep Tipton County Beautiful Board Members:

Jessica Hernandez - Executive Director
Kim Copeland - Vice President

Georgia Dawson
Sara Gangaware - President
Dalton Hicks

Nancy Huelsing - Treasurer
Christie Jarvis

Terry Lovett
Robin Sealy
Sharon Timbs - Secretary
John Weatherly

Board members meet every 3rd Tuesday at the EMA Building in Brighton 3pm.

Keep Tipton County Beautiful
An affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. since 1982
Jessica Hernandez, Executive Director
PO Box 883
Covington, TN 38019-0233
Phone: 901-476-0254
Fax: 901-476-0233
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Funded by Tipton County Government and TN Dept of Transportation