Planning & Development

Planning Commission:
Bob Taylor (Chairman), Tommy Smith (Vice Chairman), Debbie Otts (Secretary), Mike Brewer, Jason Hughey, Glenn Lazure, & Carl Lewis.  Click here to see a copy of the bylaws.

Board of Zoning Appeals:
Stacey Max (Chairman), Zack Walker (Vice Chairman), David Copeland, Lawson Dyson, & Tom Semmes. Click here to see a copy of the bylaws.

William Veazey (Director of Planning), Pat Hibdon (Administrative Assistant), Rick Erwin (Head Building Inspector) and Keith Beasley (Code Enforcement/Building Inspector)

Plat Submittal Dates and Meeting Schedule:
Typically, all meetings are scheduled for the 4th Monday of each month. On occasion these dates are changed due to holidays. The due dates for the submittal of plats and applications to go before the Planning Commission and/or Board of Zoning Appeals are found at this link: View the Submittal Dates and Meeting Schedule for 2024.

Public Hearings:
All public hearings will be placed in the Covington Leader.

Agenda's & Announcements:
All agenda's and announcements can be found on the Agendas & Minutes page on this website.

Tipton County Subdivision Regulations:
The Tipton County Subdivision Regulations were last adopted on January 2, 2001 and the document has been reprinted on May 18, 2009. View the Tipton County Subdivision Regulations

Tipton County Zoning Resolution:
The first County Zoning Resolution was adopted in May of 1983. There was a major update in March of 1997. A complete rewrite of the entire document was adopted on November 10, 2003, and the document has been reprinted on January 12, 2006. The current County Zoning Resolution was adopted February 10, 2014. View the Tipton County Zoning Resolution

Tipton County Wetlands:
Click here for a users guide relative to the National Wetlands Inventory Maps. Click here to view wetlands on the GIS Mapping Website.

Tipton County Zoning Map:
The Tipton County Zoning Map was readopted in it's entirety on February 10, 2014 and recorded in Plat Cabinet H Slide 900. View the Tipton County Zoning Map as a PDF file

Tipton County Transportation Plan:
The Tipton County Transportation Plan was adopted on January 2, 2001 (recorded in Plat Cabinet F Slide 175) and was readopted on October 27, 2014 and recorded in Plat Cabinet H Slide 939.
View the Major Road Plan as a PDF file

Gilt Edge Zoning Ordinance & Subdivision Regulations:
The City of Gilt Edge contracts their Planning, Zoning, Building Inspection and Code Enforcement services through Tipton County. Gilt Edge has their own Zoning Ordinance (adopted 6/8/10), Map (recorded in Plat Cabinet H Slide 737) and Board of Zoning Appeals. The County acts as the City’s Planning Commission for subdivision plat approval and rezoning issues and has approved Subdivision Regulations (adopted 4/27/09) and a Transportation Plan (adopted 4/27/09 and recorded in Plat Cabinet H Slide 660) for the City of Gilt Edge. For information within the corporate limits of Gilt Edge, please call 901-476-9402 or 901-476-0255 (County Planning Office).

Tipton County Building Inspection:
We offer same-day building inspection services for Tipton County, Gilt Edge and Garland. All you do is call 901-476-0215 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M., Monday through Friday, and your building will be inspected that afternoon between the hours of 11:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Office hours for the building inspectors are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M and 3:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. There are NO re-inspections on Friday.

Application and Checklist Forms:
Here you can find copies of application forms in pdf format. These forms include: 

Petition for Rezoning
Application to Appear Before the Planning Commission
Application to Appear Before the Board of Zoning Appeals
Building Permit Application
Site Plan Checklist (Non-Residential)
Preliminary Plat Checklist
Final Plat Checklist
Driveway Culvert and Storm Drain Permit for Residential or Commercial

Code Enforcement:
Currently, code enforcement includes the enforcement of building codes, zoning codes and subdivision regulations. Complaints are taken via phone, postal mail or in person. Here is a copy of the Complaint Form

Tipton County Growth Plan:
The passage of Public Chapter 1101 in 1998 by the Tennessee General Assembly developed a new vision for growth policy in Tennessee. The act provides local governments the structures and policies to cooperatively evaluate their potential growth throughout a 20-year period, to the year 2020. The law requires each city and county to engage in comprehensive land use planning that defines three distinct types of areas: (1) “urban growth boundaries” (UGB) which contain the corporate limits of a municipality and the adjoining area where growth is expected; (2) “planned growth areas” (PGA), compact sections outside incorporated municipalities where growth is expected and where new incorporations may occur; (3) “rural areas” (RA) territory which is to be preserved for agriculture, recreation, forest, wildlife and other uses other than high-density commercial or residential development. View file here

State of TN Division of Ground Water Protection:

The purpose of this office is to ensure that sewage being discharged into the soil for treatment and ground water do not mix to guarantee quality drinking water. Services that this office provides: (1) Issue permits for the construction of Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems (SSDS, aka Septic Tanks), (2) Inspect the installation of these systems, (3) Permit, inspect and re-inspect systems for real-estate transactions, and (4) draw water samples from private wells to be checked for quality.

For Questions and Help with the Online Form
Contact # 731-441-5593 (Tamsie)
731-512-1300 (Jackson Main Office)

For the online application for services Click Here.  To look up Septic Permits for Tipton County Click Here.  (The information provided by the State of TN is NOT maintained by Tipton County and the user accepts responsibilities for using these links).

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